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When is it time for a new website?

Published on February 3rd, 2017 | Category: Business, Websites

Sometimes websites just start to look old and a bit tired, and this is normally the reason most businesses opt for a bit of a design overhaul — even more so if a competitor has recently conducted a major revamp of their site, leaving yours looking like something from a bygone time.

However, in addition to the way your website may look, there are a few other reasons you may want to take into account before you decide whether to invest some more in your current online presence:

  1. Is your audience telling you your website isn’t working for them anymore?
    I don’t necessarily mean that they’re actually saying to you that your website’s cr*p, maybe they have (gasp!), but your visitor statistics (if you have access to these via Google Analytics) may be telling you that overall people are not viewing or interacting with your site as well or as much as they used to. You may be getting fewer leads or sales, and people may be leaving your site as quickly as they arrived. All of this information is available via Google Analytics, and often tells more truth about the important performance age of your website rather than it’s aesthetic appearance.
  2. Does your website work well for people using new-fangled gadgets to browse online?
    You may be surprised to learn that almost 60% of Google searches happen on tablets and smartphones these days. If your website doesn’t work well for these people then you really need to do something about it. Google local search results, as well as generic search results, are ranked on how easy your website is to use. Is your web page mobile-friendly?
  3. Are you paying a web company loads of £ to continually fix or update your website?
    Quite often older websites are built on top of outdated and unmaintained applications that used to let you update your site on your own. Maybe you don’t have a way to update your website yourself at the moment? If this is the case you could save a considerable amount of money in the long-term by having your website built on a solid open-source platform like WordPress (this is what I do). Not only will your site be easy to maintain, but security and feature updates happen automatically, cutting down tech overheads significantly. In most of these cases starting over is cheaper than fixing.
  4. Are you talking to your customers about their experiences on your website?
    If not it may have been time for a refresh a long time ago. If you don’t actively seek feedback from visitors it’s nothing to be ashamed of, most people don’t. We use various tools these days to gain insight into how well your website is performing for real people so that we’re not waiting for a visitor to tell you something on your site is broken.

A negative perception of your brand, no matter where the perception originates, should always trigger some sort of action — If your website isn’t working well for the people who want to use it then this reflects negatively on your brand, and you really do need to do something about it. If it’s as simple as a new website then that’s pretty good going!

These are just some things to consider about your current website and things you should continue to think about as your website ages.

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